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  • ‘The Creative Mind Looks at Things Differently’ New Campaign from Sir John Hegarty.

    GENIE Shows How ‘The Creative Mind Looks at Things Differently’ in Campaign from Sir John Hegarty.

    Sir John Hegarty works as ECD on biggest ad campaign to-date from AI talent agent, conceived by GENIE talent.

    GENIE, the AI talent agent for the creative industry, today reveals a major body of work celebrating the brilliance of the creative mind.

    The work, Creative Mind, features a string of striking visual illusions placed around London during the month of July, depicting everyday items through a different lens. The images all feature a literal and subjective layer of what they represent – showcasing a manifestation of how the creative mind looks at things differently. The work will take the form of out-of-home advertising, creating a gallery of images on the Underground across Central London, as well as digital and social advertising.

    The body of work was mediated entirely through talent in GENIE’s best-in-class pool, resourcing the perfect team through GENIE’s sophisticated matching, with industry legend Sir John Hegarty operating as ECD.

    Creative Mind is GENIE’s biggest advertising campaign since launching in 2020, as the creative industry’s first AI talent agent continues to expand its presence across the industry, connecting hiring companies of all sizes to best-in-class freelance creative minds and talent.

    As gatekeepers of creativity, GENIE’s campaign looks to convey the brand’s deep understanding of how the creative mind looks at things differently, and what makes the creative mind tick. This expert insight is what feeds into the AI powered matching algorithm, giving companies fast access to the most exceptional talent in the industry that meets their needs.  Through the campaign the London-based company aims to drive awareness of GENIE to hiring companies and talent alike, as it continues to rapidly grow its product offering and network. In 2021, GENIE made over 13,000 matches, saving hiring companies over 6,500 hours of resource across searching, booking, handling paperwork and more. Major clients and brands, such as Saatchi & Saatchi, VICE, and Berghaus are all amongst GENIE’s clientele.

    The campaign also saw GENIE conduct research with over 1,000 people working across the spectrum of the creative industry, to fully investigate the creative mind. The research uncovered opinions on what they feel makes a creative mind, what the future of the creative mind looks like, and how one is best nurtured in the modern world.

    Key findings included:

    – Over 1 in 3 creative industry talent voted “on a walk” as the top place where they come up with their best ideas

    – 68% creative industry talent stated that working from home helps them be more creative as a person

    – 74% creative industry talent agreed that travel made them more creative

    – 43% said experiences, such as travel and life events, was the most important factor in shaping a creative person, ranking higher than actually putting creativity into practice

    Sir John Hegarty, executive creative director, Creative Mind, and chairman, GENIE, commented: “I have constantly said that creativity isn’t an occupation, it’s a preoccupation. The creative mind is working all the time – it never stops seeing, listening, and finding out. This campaign captures exactly that. It highlights the way creatives look at things differently – and having GENIE talent behind the campaign makes it even more special.”

    Nicky Badenoch, co-founder, GENIE, commented: ”It’s been very rewarding to use our own product for our own in-house creative brief. On every step of the journey GENIE has come up trumps, matching us to the talent behind this campaign.  ‘What makes a creative mind’ is an endeavour that will always be infinite for us here at Genie, because just as you think you’ve cracked it, someone else  comes along and sees the world differently. This campaign is just the start of us showing all GENIE and GENIE’s  talent have to offer.”

    This article was originally published in Little Black Book on 04 Jul 2022.